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fun status games fun status games:

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t | ASSU | Akademiska Schacksällskapet Umeå | Page 8

Some pictures from last blitz Thursday evening, which was won by Big Machine Munyua!
Pictures: Preliminary Participants this Spring Tournament in Winter!
CM Rickard Engman 2175 ASSU ELO 2.
WIM Christine Mariano Rose 1917 SK Rockaden Umeå 3.
Magnus Hedqvist 1992 ASSU 4.
Isak Ersholt 1823 ASSU 5.
Kent Munyua 1918 ASSU 6.
Viktor Alvarsson 1869 ASSU 7.
Magnus Stenius 1822 ASSU 8.
Behzad Koohsnhod 1670 ASSU 9.
Jimmy Norqvist 1678 ASSU 10.
Tobias Boman 1512 ASSU 11.
Lars-Olov Norqvist 1510 ASSU 12.
Rasmus Nyman 1751 ASSU 13.
Benjamin Fjellström 1410 Uppsala ASS 14.
Itay Zamir 1267 ASSU 15.
Julian Alamos Guerra 1197 SK Rockaden Umeå 16.
Hans-Erik Eriksson 1683 ASSU Yesterday we had this seasons opening for the semester.
Some new players has shown interest in participate in the clubs activities.
Spring Opening Blitz Results 1.
Isak Ersholt 6 3.
Viktor Alvarsson 4 4.
Magnus Stenius 3,5 5.
Benjamin Fjällström 3 6.
Bhezad Kohsnhood 3 7.
Kasper Hörnqvist 2 8.
Benn Malca 0 Also, this springs tournament, 8 rounds starts soon.
First evening will be 3 rounds of rapid games, 15+10 seconds.
We will then have 5 rounds of ELO; which is what FIDE asks fun status games fun status games: at this time to achieve ELO norms.
We invite any player to join in!
New for this season is that we have one group all together, one for all all for one!
Players on the preliminary list: 1.
CM Rickard Engman ASSU 2.
Magnus Hedqvist ASSU 3.
Kent Munyua ASSU 4.
Viktor Alvarsson ASSU 5.
Isak Ersholt ASSU 6.
Magnus Stenius ASSU 7.
Behzad Kohsnoohd ASSU 8.
Jimmy Norqvist ASSU 9.
Lars-Olov Norqvist ASSU 10.
Rasmus Nyman Fun status games fun status games: 11.
Benn Malca ASSU 12.
Itai Zamir ASSU 13.
Julian Alamos Guerra SK Rockaden Umeå 14.
Gerold Jäger ASSU 15.
Hans-Erik Eriksson ASSU 16.
Tobias Boman ASSU Pictures from yesterday: We start a new season Tuesday 2018-01-12 kl 18:00 More info Isak Ersholt 070 691 2857 Welcome to join!
There will be some candy sweets and fika, everyone in the club is welcome!
And some new info: Last semesters Rating rocket is…Isak Ersholt + 116!
Congratulations and with a new ELO over 1800 fun status games fun status games: />He is followed by Lars-Olov Norqvist with a + 85!
Some other rating info.
Peter Svensson made his first ELO-norm at 1862 + and Patrik Storm as well at 2093!
Our new rating list is ASSU:s official language at the homepage is English, due to many foreign international students that comes and play chess with us at campus.
We currently have three teams in division play.
Our first team is only getting stronger as well as the club as a whole.
Here you will get new friends, have a lot of fun and most importantly improve your chess skills!
ASSU The Academic Chess Society at Umea University Campus, an official member of the student union.
Soon we will publish the new ratinglist, check with FIDE CM Mr Rickard Engman, ASSU:s main coach and trainer and with FIDE Dr Mr Magnus Stenius at styrelsen akademiskaschacksallskapet.
Players from outside clubs are more than weolcome join i for a small tournament fee!
ASSU Dr Tore Riltons Cup Tournament, Swedens biggest open international tournament has started 27th.
Notably USA, youngest GM Sam Sevian is playing.
Our neighbour club SK Rockaden Umeås player, Jörgen Eriksson living in Stockholm is participating.
GM Aryan Tari and GM Monica Socko.
It is time, for everyone in our club to join in and face a good fun tournament.
We invite anyone to join us in 2018.
There will be probably be 3 rounds of speed chess 10+10 or 15+3 first evening, after the board of ASSU has decided, we want to ask members of format as well!
Swedish Chess Federation is changing to ELO and LASK will dissapear.
Therefore this is a very good oppertunity to play and to get your ELO.
ASSU Det är snart dags för vår öppna ELO-registrerade tävling WinterChessTournament 2018 Vi drar igång preliminärt 28 Januari 2018 hoppas att ni kan vara med!
Nytt för tävlingen är att vi preliminärt spelar 8 ronder med tre snabbschack Troligen Ej ELO samt fem långpartier ELO Vi spelar i en grupp troligen blir vi ca 15 — 20 deltagare Vi får gärna bli fler!
De som deltar är troligen allt från låg klubbnivå till +2100 Att deltaga är gratis för våra egna fullvärdiga medlemmar för spelare från andra klubbar kostar det 200 kr Vi spelar varannan vecka med början med tre snabbschackspartier den 28 januari 2018 och sedan ett parti varannan vecka Kom ihåg att det som regel är möjligt att skjuta upp partier samt spela partier i förväg.
Vi har blivit betydligt fler, Vi har fler aktiva medlemmar, Vi har flera som har blivit bättreVi har framgångar så väl på brädet som utanför brädet!
Våra framgångar på brädet är Serieseger i div III samt flera spelare som har höjt sin spelstyrka.
Flera av våra spelare är aktiva deltar i våra egna tävlingar WinterChessTournament A,B,C, AuroraBorealis II, SpringFinale A,B.
D, SummerHeat III, SummerHeatIVAutumnChessTournament A,B och C samt även i andras tävlingar som tex Länsserien ,Påskturneringen i NorrköpingBjörkstadsSchacket i Umeå.
Vi har gjort reklam mest på universitetet där välkomstmässorna har varit lyckade Vi hoppas på ett ännu bättre 2018!
Over Christmas and New Years Ewe ASSU holds the club closed.
We will open up around mid January again.
A Group is finished.
Magnus Roocking Tower Hedqvist, wins the tournament, congratulations!
Magnus Hedqvist right playing Mikael Storm.
Results See you next year in 2018!
Welcome back then to socialize, hang out, hang around and play, analyze and meet new friends over the board!
Second came Jimmy Norqvist on 3,5 points.
And third, Gerold Jäger came on third place.
Congratulations to all players for a good tournament.
Isak Ersholt, winner of Group B.
With a good score and a nice climbing above the 1800-ELO point ladder.
Will we see Mr Hayes play in Rilton ELO this coming Christmas Break?!
If there are any other ASSU members who wants to play in Rilton Cup, contact Stockholms Chess Federation.
B Group Results C group In group C of the Falls Autumn Chess Tournament LASK rated.
Second: Benjamin Fjellström on three points from Uppsala ASK.
Benn Malca finishes third on three points.
Congratulations to all players.
Winner of Group C: The Gentleman Lars-Olov!
ASSU — Player of the Year this Season is Michael Piwovar shared with Viktor Alvarsson!
Both players have gained a click to see more of ELO-rating, been active in the club, played for the first team and are excellent ASSU Ambassaders!
Alvarsson and Michael Piwovar, this years ASSU player of the year!
They share this top space, as they are both equal in their chess progress and as team mates!
ASSU Come on in and have a coffea, play some, relax, chatt and joke with the pawns and friends of our club!
Postponed games and fika this evening!
There will be Swedish julmust and Coockies!!
We will also reveal the secret who his is this years ASSU player!
Best ASSU Its time for our second year as a Chess Club and we are celibrating ASSU Join the party!
Call Rickard Engman 0768 230 379 or even better send an e-mail rickard akademiskaschacksallskapet.
The first day, saturday, we played WASA SK II at the Swedish Chess Saloons.
We had good spirit, we met up before the roundstart at a dining and we discussed some tactics.
Well done Big Machine!
Rickard Played another CM for the first time, Did get a good position but could not keep his good game and made a bad move and later he made a blunder in the end of the middlegame.
Board 3, Patrik Storm, in his debut winning very nice.
He played his solid Bird and he came really good in his position, just waiting for his timing to cash in.
Magnus Stenius played, black and in the mid game his opponent sacrificed a Bishop and a Knight for a King attack, but Stenius defended well, ands almost got out of the mess, just missing Bc8!
Winning the game, but he went wrong and lost fun status games fun status games: the time-trouble.
Rasmus fought long and well but lost.
Peter Svensson won in his debut!
ASSU was worthy of a slighly better result here.
Board 4, the last game still playing in the match, Stenius played a draw, having some chances in the endgame.
Stenius secured the draw!
Board 5, Kent loosing in the middle game, loosing a piece, and the game.
Board 6, Rasmus Nyman played very inspiring playing a draw against his opponent.
Very stable, nice game from the Polish Generalskij!
Peter Svensson draws as black.
And ASSU scored 1 point!
We are now number four in the league.
Pictures: Vi har två borta matcher i Stockholm för ASSU I Först möter vi Wasa II på lördag och senare Hässelby SK på söndagen Resultaten skrivs på SSF hemsida samt senare vår egen spänning är att vänta!
Postponed games as well!
Come join us, watch exciting games, train and practice chess among friends at the club this evening!
Broström Dear all ASSU members, it is time to give your vote for this years ASSU-member.
It can be a player who has developed a lot on the board or a person who has done something special for the academic chess society at Umeå University.
Give your votes to mr.
Engman at the club.
We will announce the player of the year the board at the end semester terms dinner at the 12th of December.
The club will host a party on the 12th of December at the humanities building 16.
We will have some dinner, play speed chess and relax, chill and sum up this fall.
Just nu spelar ASSU Laskhunters mot SK Rockaden III i länsserien.
Spännande match där det är full kamp på alla bord just nu.
Lask rating vid samtliga bord.
Isak bytte ner, hade bättre tid på klockan och till slut tvingades Forsbergs kung kasta in handsken.
Lars Olov Norqvist — wo 2.
Benn Malca- wo 3.
Cameron Fun status games fun status games: — wo 4.
Also will we try to build a ChessSense and then it rings should we be aware of great danger Some good rules who will help to avoid bad moves will be discussed.
We will discuss blundersbad moves and the psychology behind them.
Also will we try to build a ChessSense and then it rings should we be aware of great danger Some good rules who will help to avoid bad moves will be discussed.
Both beginners and more advanced fun status games fun status games: ,,Actually every level of player will find something of value Welcome!
Today this Sunday, both teams lost, after fighting well.
SK Rockaden II — ASSU I 5 — 3 both teams did use some substitute players and everything seemed to be very unclear which team would emerge victorious at the end a lot of games Good positions was won or lost The audience could not complain fun status games fun status games: the excitement!
Loa won two games this weekend!
I morgon söndag blir det bortamatch kl 11:00 mot Rockaden II Marihemsvägen 2c kom gärna och titta på matcherna!
ASSU II möter borta Östersund SS II och Östersund SS III Spännande är ordet!
Its time to play some chess in the AutumnChessTournament We rest of us will practice and enjoy some chesstraining Welcome!
We will have training and look at some opening and practicing these later in fast speed chess.
The training is for both less advanced and more advanced players.
S keep looking on the homepage for more info and major big events to come!

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