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Is Windows 10 Good for Gamers? We Review | Digital Trends

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NOTE: Please be aware the Windows.
So please perform any rollback within 31 days or this option will no longer be available.
Otherwise, create a backup before upgrading to Windows 10.
See links to resources about backing up by clicking the link for the respective version of Windows you are running:,If your Windows 10 installation is outside of the 31 day window, please review instructions for reinstalling Windows 8.
My recollection of this capability goes back to Windows ME which included the option to uninstall the operating system and restore to a previous version of Windows I was running Windows 98 SE at the time.
Microsoft has supported this functionality in its NT based versions of Windows too, albeit not in a seamless way.
The ability to restore a Windows 8.
With Windows 10, it seems Microsoft has listened and has provided a welcome option to its recovery tools to make it easy to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to your previous version of Windows.
This option can be handy for diagnostics purposes, trial and error or to simply go back to a previous version of Windows that works better with your PC.
Please keep in mind, this only works with Windows 7 and later.
Because prior versions of Windows such as Windows Vista and Windows XP can only migrate to Windows 10 through a custom install, the command line operations remain your best choice if you do decide to go back.
Also keep in mind, if you do a custom install over Windows 7 or later, the Rollback option is not available.
This only works if you had done an in place upgrade from Windows 7 or later.
As noted, any configurations made to Windows 10 since upgrading will be lost, so if you installed new programs or hardware drivers or made personal settings, those will be deleted.
Click Next Make sure you have your password ready to sign into your old version if you had been using one.
Click Next The process can take a while depending on the amount data, applications and settings.
Click Next Click Go Back to begin the process.
Windows 10 will Restart This will be your screen throughout the recovery process.
When the process is complete, you will be booted into your previous version of Windows environment.
If you cannot load the Windows Desktop, you can initiate a Rollback using the following method: Log out At the Sign In screen, hold down the shift key on your keyboard while clicking the Power button on the screen Continue to hold down the shift key while clicking Restart Continue to hold down the source key until the Advanced Recovery Options menu appears Click Troubleshoot Click Advanced options Click Go back to the previous version of Windows Related: I have try to go back win.
I am getting the blank screen on my dell laptop.
I am unable to log in and have tried troubleshooting using a USB widows 10 media.
I have a windows 7 repair disk.
Can I use this to go back to windows 7?
Hi, thanks for such a great article!
And thank you again for making such an easy straight to the point article!
This is only web site that shows an alternative for those who cannot load the Windows Desktop.
My rollback has been going on for 20 hours.
What should I do?
Should I still wait or interrupt.
If I interrupt what do I do afterwards.
Where should I find it?
I had windows 8 preinstalled on my laptop when I bought it I was using windows 8.
I have followed the instructions to roll back to Windows 7.
I am within the 30 days to roll back and all the files present and not damaged.
I get the Sorry can not revert because the files have been deleted.
No, the files are all still there.
How do I correct this?
Is there something else I can do?
Open the Reservation app in the notification area double click it Click the Hamburger menu in the upper left corner, then select View Confirmation.
In the lower left, click Cancel reservation and then confirm twice.
I tried to roll back to Windows 7 after only 3 days and it told me that all the files had been deleted from the PC, even thought the windows.
So I had to do a clean install of windows 7.
If I roll back to previous version will all my files and programs remain, or is it formatted and lost?
No only the following: As noted, any configurations made to Windows 10 since upgrading will be lost, so if you installed new programs or hardware drivers or made personal settings, those will be deleted.
Any solution please, preferably with some common command and not by re-installing all programs all over again.
Even some of the programs I tried to reinstall only show short cut in the start menu.
Both the preview and the final release.
The recovery partition will be inoperable, you would have to rollback first.
Great to see that rollback is possible.
I was worried about that after having to do a total re-install again like with Windows 8.
In error I said I wanted to have Windows 10 auto installed I do not want this.
I want to wait awhile till I see how it is working.
How do I cancel this?
Setup a dual boot configuration using the Windows 10 Insider Preview which will be upgraded to the final release: FANTASIC TOTAL EASY TO UNDERSTAND RESPONSE.
Will upgrading from Windows 7 or later preserve my personal files, applications and settings?
Yes, upgrading from Windows 7 or a later version will preserve your personal files documents, music, pictures, videos, downloads, favorites, contacts etc, applications ie.
Microsoft Office, Adobe applications etcgames and settings ie.
Will my existing programs, hardware and drivers work on Windows 10?
Most applications and hardware drivers designed for Windows 7 or later should work with Windows 10.
Of course, with significant changes expected in Windows 10, it is best you contact the software developer and hardware vendor to find out about support for Windows 10.
Windows 10 setup will keep, upgrade, replace and might require that you install new drivers through Windows Update or from the manufacturers website.
Still perform a thorough backup.
I understand that Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is not compatible.
Not to sound totally ignorant but I have many documents saved on that.
Would I need to purchase a Microsoft Office program compatible with Windows 10 and would those files then open thru that new program.
I do geneology and am scared to lose files.
Yes, you will need to purchase a license for Microsoft Office and install it on Windows 10.
Just want you to know what a horror upgrading to Windows10 is.
You can lose everything from Windows7 and printer may not be compatible.
I wish I never did this.
I fear we will see many computers around the globe stop boot or fail another way.
Onedrive and much more should be optional during install.
Why should i have Onedrive when i use Mega or Dropbox aso?
Store and apps should also be optional, it is a complete dealbreaker to me that they are forced on me when i never use them.
I thought Microsoft learned from Windows 8.
There are also compability problems with older java runtimes.
They were removed already in Vista RTM.
Com on Microsoft, start listen to Your users!!!!!
I do think that when people have upgraded and find how Windows 10 looks and feels they will regret their update.
I will stay with Windows 2000, XP and XP x64.
Your so right about everything you said.
I lost my boot process.
All the screen does is blink.
I did not make a backup disk.
Is this assumption true.
Can you offer any suggestions.
Microsoft shame on YOU.
You are so right!
I am very sorry that I made this upgrade and spent hours and hours with support folks to get it onto my computer.
I loved Window7; why did I ever upgrade.
Thanks for deleting my negative professional feedback.
Now i know You are nothing but a fraud.
Thanks for proving it!
Is it possible perform upgrade to Windows 10 and then after some time recover my previous version of Win 7 which is stored for example on recovery boot DVD?
Or do I need still to downgrade first?
Can I roll back to previous version of windows at any time?
For example after 2 years of using Windows 10?
I respect You for that.
That is a faulty response to anyone rejecting Windows 10.
Why not just respect peoples negative responses if click to see more dislike Windows 10.
I will stay with Windows 2000, XP, XP x64 and Vista x64 due to they have all the compability i need for my needs as a musicproducer!
Even Vista dropped a lot of compability.
Yes, i do run Windows 7 Pro x64 and Windows 8.
They are clearly not made for desktops.
Not even in Windows 10.
Forced updates is a completely NO GO to me.
Never i accept that.
No matter what operatingsystem i use; Windows or Linux.
Just saw a poll in Sweden, 80% of all corps will reject Windows 10 as they rejected Windows 8.
I have an external Western Digital HDD controlled with Macrium Reflect Workstation edition.
I assume the result would be the same for a system restore.
When I try, it goes through most of the process and then says there is some file?
Do I dare try the upgrade to Windows 10?
This is very important because I have a Graphic Design business on this PC Thank you very much.
Follow your gut feeling.
And I had tried to restore mine back to 7 and it would not let me.
All mine will do now when I sign on is flash on and off.
If you performed a custom install, the Hp tablet games apps free download option will not be present.
I am concerned about updating to windows 10 from windows 8.
From my understanding, I will be unable to used the hidden partition to factory reset my laptop to its original windows 8.
I have also made restore disks — can I use these to restore my laptop back to windows 8.
I have been worried about the same thing as these other people have.
I also do not like the idea that my anti-virus program will not work with W-10 immediately.
Maybe they will do it for free, lol.
I Found out, i has deleted my windows.
Start menu, settings or notification bar is not working in win 10.
Even the Internet google chrome, IEetc though Its connect to Internet.
Please help me out with this.
I was told that I could go back to win7 if I tried and did not like win10… This is now the case.
Tim Tim, earlier builds called it Update and Recovery, I have updated the article a few weeks ago to reflect the changes since then.
Your comment is dated July 11th 2018.
So if you are just reading this article, you would see it says Update and Security.
I also noted in the article, you will only see the option to rollback if you had done an in place upgrade, if you performed a custom install, the option will not be available.
I am at a complete loss here.
I downloaded window 10 and do not like it I want to rollback to the way my computer was.
I am not computer wise and need simple instructions to do this.
I have a laptop which came with Windows 7 Home premium.
If I upgrade to Windows 10, will the recovery partition already on my hdd reinstall Windows 7, or will the partition also be updated for Windows 10?
When I upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7 home basic and after two months,can I roll back to my windows 7 using Macrium reflect backup image?
If I roll back to windows 8.
I followed your shift key option settings in win 10 does not work.
When I select rollback, I get error WDC Violation.
I am just about ready to do the HP restore function and get my PC clean back to win 7.
However, i was able to do so with the 2nd method.
I have been sitting here since 1 pm an it is now 5 pm still with the same screen go back to previous build with cycling dots and the word restarting.
Hey Adacosta My problem is that i just recently installed Windows 10 on the 30th of July was the installation date previous build Windows 8.
How long does it take to revert back to the previous build since i started at 14:20 pm PLS HELP!!!?
In your experience, whats the longest amount of time ot takes to go back to previous build from windows 10?
I tried to roll back to 8.
This has been this way for almost 2 days.
What should I do now?
The PC, after installing Window 10 the screen just flashes on and off and no keys actually affect anything — so the ability to go back to Windows 8.
Worked for me with windows 7.
Hold down control key.
Tap F11 key continuously.
Takes you to advanced recovery options.
Click go back to previous options for windows.
Let it go for a long time.
Then it proceeds to restoring previous windows version.
Help desk wanted to take over computer and charge.
Totally unethical also in my opinion.
To get a windows recovery screenreboot your computer on and off three times — never let it complete a boot cycle, keep interrupting the boot buy turning off computer.
Windows is really running what good they made out of seven.
I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and the bugs made it impossible to use.
After choosing to rollback, I have been stuck on the blue screen watching the dots go in circles for more than an hour waiting for the computer to restart.
Is the rollback supposed to restart the computer right away or does it take a long time for the computer to restart?
My laptop was running windows 7 and I upgraded to windows 10 recently.
How long does going back to previous build take.
I tried installing windows 10 and I am having challenges.
I want my 8.
Been stuck on Go back to previous build and it has been on restarting for ages.
I have a folder called Winold and looking at other folders with logs showing that I did in fact upgrade from Windows 8.
The files and folders from my Windows 8 install are still on my computer but the rollback procedure yields an error that states: The files we need to take you back to a previous version of windows were removed from this PC.
That is not likely.
I see the folders plain as day with all of the files.
Still get this error.
I am sure there is a reason for this but I wish there was more information provided regarding this option and possible errors with solutions.
A roll Back is a big deal to some people and to be stuck with Hp tablet games apps free download 10 only after 3 days is not something that is supposed to happen.
Do you have any third party utilities installed that might have interferred with it such as attempting to remove it or clean it up?
Did you attempt to modify or move it from its original location?
I installed the 10 I had reserved and it worked well for a couple of days.
I was previously running 7 home premium….
I tried restarting several times but nothing would work….
I found your page and was finally able to get to your second suggestion and now it says it is going back to a previous build……it has been 4 hours and the screen has not changed at all…….
I am beginning to think I am toast ….
My computer has sat for almost two days in going back to previous build.
How can I start the process over.
I want to go back to Windows 8.
I did not load Windows but only the one time, so there is article source a previous build I guess.
I had the free upgrade.
After upgradenoticed the screen flickering on the desktop.
The laptop was basically unusable.
Now gtg back to Windows 8.
Most applications and hardware drivers designed for Windows 7 or later should work with Windows 10.
Of course, with significant changes expected in Windows 10, it is best you contact the software developer and hardware vendor to find out about support for Windows 10.
Windows 10 setup will keep, upgrade, replace and might require that you install new drivers through Windows Update or from the manufacturers website.
I have downgraded back to windows 7 from windows 10 but the original product key is now invalid and now it tells me that I have a counterfeit version.
Try reactivating by telephone: How to activate Windows 7 manually activate by phone 1 Click Start, and in the Search box type: slui.
Hope you are still helping people at this time.
In addition to that, I can no longer get onto my internet from my laptop.
I am on the internet from my desktop now, so it is not the internet, nor the internet provider.
The latest issue is I got a Windows Activation message saying that a change had occurred to my Windows license file and I needed to type in my product key and after I type it in obtained it from the bottom of my laptop.
It has now been 10 hours since the blue screen saying Go back to the previous build…with a circle restarting……….
Depending on the complexity of the installation, it can take up to 24 hours.
Its a time consuming process.
Hi Kavi, Go back to the previous build is running from past 6 hours.
Any idea when it will complete to bring up windows 7 again from windows 10.
I have waited continuously for 4 days and my laptop finally getting loaded with windows 7 successfully from windows 10 with all the software installed state.
Friends, before upgrade to windows 10 please check with laptop support whether hardware drivers will support or not.
Will rollback to windows 8.
Then I could back up my Photos and reinstall Windows 10 It could be a combination of things.
It could be a corrupt user profile or a custom install was performed deleting your files and programs.
Press Windows key + X Click Programs and Features Are your programs listed?
If not, then you probably performed a custom installed.
Did the uninstalled for Windows 10 to go back to Windows 7 now no Windows at all.
What can I do besides running out and buying new software?
My problem is even more grave.
My laptop was running Windows 7 Home Prem with no passwords for user only one user for that matter.
This is that laptop with no DVD drive Dell.
Now I want to revert to my old Windows 7 Home Prem which came preinstalled.
Could anybody help me before i through the useless gadget into the pit.
Hi Yesterday I upgraded from W7 to w10.
I had three user accs on my W7 start up, the 2nd one holding all of my music files c.
When the upgrade finished c.
It would not allow me to access any files from my main UAC and when I finally got into my main UAC all the files were locked.
Consequently I decided today to go back to W7.
This has been going for hours.
Is there any way to see if it is actually working or whether it is stuck or looping?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Tried to recover Win 7.
Microsoft definitely article source rollback would not be a problem, and I did NOT remove any files from my system.
Sorry to hear about what happened.
What happened when you start the computer is it in a reboot loop or can you boot to Windows 10?
It is saying go back to previous build restarting — been on that screen for over an hour.
Also, when I try to use Netscape, it freezes the computer, requiring me to unplug the power.
Should I return to Windows 7, I wonder?
Which web browser are you using to view Facebook?
Also, Netscape is outdated, you should switch to a modern web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or the built in Internet Explorer.
As for videos in Facebook, make sure Adobe Flash is enabled or try an alternative web browser.
It would be great if a status report was available on screen to see how it is progressing.
Shame that was not considered as I could be waiting for days whilst the system is doing nothing.
Unfortunately, its a long process which is based on the complexity of your installation.
I advise users its better to create a system image prior to upgrading which you can restore faster.
Windows 10 failed to form a desktop and I got the flashing screen.
Thanks for your advice.
I have started the up to 24 hour vigil required to oust Windows 10 if it works Hi I followed your instruction to downgrade from windows 10 to 8.
How long is the downgrade?
It can take very long depending on the complexity of your Windows setup.
So I followed the steps laid out here to roll back to Win7, but it says the files needed for the rollback have been removed.
Robert, I also had this exact same scenario with the message stating that the files needed for rollback have been removed.
I find it very suspicious because I did see that the folder win.
I personally feel that Microsoft might be too lax regarding this issue and has done absolutely nothing for those of us who have it.
I did manage to get rid of this atrocity called Windows 10.
If someone at Microsoft wants to leave those of us with this issue stranded, I am not one to accept being force fed something that tastes like crap.
And this whole Windows 10 upgrade seems to have alot of unresolved issues.
I want to see if maybe you have any info that resembles what I have been experiencing.
Because maybe there is something we both did that may have put us in this situation with rollback…… I noticed the rollback was able to kick off successfully a day after I upgraded, but I cancelled after a few steps into it.
I just wanted to see if it worked, and it did.
I only had one major event after that and I still do not see how it would affect anything, but maybe it did….
What this did was create a USB installation for the Full Version Installation of Windows 10.
It is said that the creation of Windows 10 Install Media collects my system info and validates my system, or something to that affect.
I was wondering if this had something to do with my rollback error.
Because It was sometime after this that I decided I want to rollback to Windows 8.
I am not sure if something else took place after I created the install media but I have wondered if that might have written something to my system that prevents rollback now, and since it has not yet been 30 days, the win.
I was wondering if you also created install media like I did at some point.
And we are still within our rights to rollback.
In fact, we SHOULD be able to downgrade to previous versions according to our rights under the software license regardless of the 30 day deadline, but that might involve reinstalling our previous Windows versions from scratch.
I used ASUS Backtrack to create the original Windows 8.
Since I had a new laptop and no real data saved, I was not losing anything and this was simple.
And you know what else?
I added a second hard drive and kept my Windows 10 on the original.
I was reading that we are not able to keep our original software license for our version of Windows 7 or 8 if we upgraded to Windows 10.
SO this is supposed to mean that Windows 10 now has the license attached to it and my version of Windows 8.
Well, I got a dual boot system to work using 2 drives, and both work.
Maybe Microsoft did not count on the fact that alot of us still have our original media from our previous version of Windows.
So nobody has to feel as if they are trapped.
Just back up your data and do a clean install.
Maybe they want you to assume you are stuck with the upgrade after 30 days but the truth is you are only stuck not being able to rollback.
But in reality, we are getting screwed by losing our rollback option in as little as 24 hours after we do the upgrade.
I think Microsoft is responsible for correcting this issue that gives us the error claiming our rollback files were deleted.
And since the folder still exists, and it has not even been 30 days, it is obviously still on our system and this is their glitch that might be fixable but nobody seems to care.
Alot of people trust that they have the rollback option yet we are seeing more and more people stuck without the ability to perform it Just an FYI …… I am sure many already know.
But Everyone needs to make sure they check the security settings in Windows 10.
Even though it is likely many of these setting are off by default, some specific security settings should be checked.
Some have reported the settings were giving access to private information without their knowledge and more importantly, access to use your personal routers password is something else Microsoft is making part of the equation.
Microsoft has made it hp tablet games apps free download your facebook friends and friends from other sites can use your personal router if they want and they are giving your router access password to these people and in some cases people do not know this is going on.
You have to make sure you run through all security settings and make sure the correct options are selected.
How presumptuos they are at Microsoft.
To think everyone will want to keep their over-rated, security lacking, privacy violating, information stealing piece of software.
I would have to agree with Robert.
I am having the very same problems, particularly with my browser.
For this 75 year old who is not that computer literate that would just be too much.
You R on target.
I feel like there was or is a virus somehow associated with all the stuff that just started on my laptop.
Everything they tell you to do seems that something is not letting you revert back to the good life.
I tried to roll back to windows 7 but it said i have moved one account me secondary account on my computer.
But i havent touched that account since upgrading.
What can I do?
Time to sit http://cardsallcasinoin.top/app/fun-app-store-games-to-play.html and relax.
Windows 10 did not install after 2 days.
MS took me back to previous bld windows 7.
Can you help me figure this out.
If you do not have a boot disk, please contact your system administrator.
I had 2 Administrator accounts from before I updated to windows 10: the built-in Administrator and my personal one that I worked under.
And now my old account is gone do you know how I can get it back??!!
Please help if anyone knows how to fix either of these things.
I was running Windows 7 Service pack 1 and downloaded Windows 10.
It worked fine for a couple of days but now nothing opens.
I cannot shut it down, restart, open any applications, deleting and moving files takes forever.
Edge will not open nor Google Chrome.
Since I cant access Settings I tried the Windows X and Command Prompt Admin idea that you suggested.
Which I would do if I could open anything.
This is a complete Catch-22.
Microsoft really has surpassed themselves this time for producing an absolute heap of crap.
My question is about the windows license.
What if after some months I decide to go back to windows 8.
I would have to do a clean install, but would my retail license still be valid?
Or when I upgrade to Windows 10 the license that I used to upgrade becomes a Windows 10 license and I can no longer activate the previous version?
I just installed the free windows 10 upgrade and I get a black screen after the windows 10 start up page.
Any help for me?
I have 3 monitors.
The main one was off and the windows display page showed temporally on the 2nd one.
I tried all you suggested and it worked!
So amazing to see my W7 screen back from W10.
After a few minutes, it came back to W7.
You saved a lot of us here.
Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I so appreciate all this… I know God will bless you for helping others… Woohoo!!!
It took 72 hours to rollback to Windows 8.
Any solution please, preferably with some common command and not by re-installing all programs all over again.
Even some of the programs I tried to reinstall only show short cut in the start menu.
Thanks for the laptop shaped paperweight.
Since my Win 10, after a few days of working, has become unstable, I went to roll back to Win 7 and was immediately informed that I could not since my old Win 7 had been removed.
I was on Win 10 for only a week, more or less!
I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 home premium and unfortunately it kept getting the error message Unexpected-System thread could not be handled.
It would the reboot continuously after about 5-10 seconds.
The problem is it is now 30 hours later and it hasnt finished.
What will happen if I force app: slots slots app of my computer and then re-boot it?
I had Win 10 two weeks — followed your directions and was advised my previous version was deleted.
Thanks Bill Totally wrong advice.
After rollback the tablet does not boot.
See fotos that i sent.
Why does microsoft not respond?
I tried to go back to my previous windows 7 but its says sorry the previous windows has been removed from the PC.
What should I do??
I have the settings page and under Recovery I can select rollback to Win 7.
And that is it.
I do not get any of the blue overlays that provide options.
Once it finishes system reboots and I have exactly what I started with.
Is there something I can try to get the options screens on the rollback, so I can successfully rollback to Win 7.
Win 10 upgrade is a horror story for me, as I have lost most functionality.
Edge and Cortana are no shows, as is the Win 10 start menu.
Media player works sometimes, vids work sometimes.
Windows wireless service keeps malfunctioning, so I have no connectivity —— and on-and-on.
Just want to rollback to 7.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
Regards, Dave in 108 How long does it take to go back to previous build?
Will it actually restore?
I am not sure Windows 10 is for me.
If I decide to go back to windows 7 but then decide to try again with windows 10 do I still get this for free?
Windows 7 was loaded fresh onto a pc my son built, and it was working great.
Until yesterday, when he upgraded to 10.
We went to Recovery, and tried that, but apparently the files have disappeared.
Any other way to downgrade to 7 without losing files accumulated since 7 was originally loaded?
I want to roll back from windows 10 to windows 8.
Did the downgrade click to 8.
After we got 8.
We get the users screen and when I try to log in to my admin account, it bounces back to the initial users screen again.
Not a password issue.
Hope you are doing well.
After 10 hours the rollback´s operation to Win 7 has not finished yet.
What should I do?
I absolutely hate windows 10.
I followed the steps to go back to windows 7 and it tells me the files we removed to go back.
It has been on my computer for less than 24 hours.
I want windows 10 off my computer.
I rolled back to Win 8.
How do I stop this so that I can preform normal Window Updates, etc…?
This bingo offline happened to me and I am so mad, just like Robert above.
Windows 10 did not install properly and left me with a flashing desktop and nothing else; especially no ability to connect to the internet.
However, it does not go to a black screen.
How long should it stay on the blue screen.
It has now been 15 minutes.
I agree with Robert above.
I was online on my other computer with an MS chat tech for 3 hours and she could not find a solution.
Finally, I was told to call.
I found 1 person with some English but he had no idea what to do.
Frustrated and extremely angry.
I am sorry I added windows 10 yesterday, I much preferred windows 8 … Windows 10 has a problem to roll back to previous build on my notebook.
I followed all the steps to Advanced Option and click on Go back to previous build, after enter my password and as soon it runs in 2 sec, it displays a message it has a problem to roll back.
Is there other way I can reinstall my Windows 7?
After installing Win 10 I noticed this situation, I have an Intel i7-2600 4 core 3.
The CPU never ever showed anything over 50% in Win 7.
Yesterday I spent over 4 hours on the phone with Microsoft and a Remote connection to my computer.
They downloaded several programs off the internet to my computer without results.
The manual shows the resolution and refresh rate I am using and is a WXGA format.
How do I find out what format the program is using?
That is what prompted me to ask mine.
I would go back to Win 7 but I have uninstalled Bejeweled3 and have read if you have changed your hard drive in any way the downgrade will not work.
Thanks for your time.
I to tried to roll back to windows 8.
Spoke to Microsoft who seemed to want to blame me for removing files.
I to have a windows.
Windows 10 has too many problems I just want 8.
What is going on?
I need help, after 2 days with Win 10 installed it began to flash the screen pre-logon, and I tried to boot into safe mode, the flashing persisted, so I decided to go back to Win 7.
Stupid Windows 10 fiasco for gamers and even casual users.
I tried to update them stupid hard with out a mouse.
It is not with this computer, My husband wanted to know how to go back to windows 7 if he does not like windows 10.
I have not down loaded it yet.
I am waiting to see if my Real Estate MLS is compatible from the Association.
I have a question.
I have a fairly new HP Envy laptop.
It came with Windows 8, and I upgraded it to Windows 8.
I don´t know why, after I installed Windows 10, the brightness of my screen got stuck at the max, and my keyboard controllers no longer worked, and I couldn´t control the brightness in settings.
I got tired of it, an I decided to restore my laptop.
The specification of the restoring said that applications would be uninstalled, but my personal files would be okay.
I restored my laptop, but many of the controllers of my laptop have been uninstalled and I don´t know how to installed them.
There was a sheet on my desktop that contained a list of the uninstalled items, and some have links to the pages were I can download them, but I can´t find the option.
Also there are a few things that have no download link.
I am worried because many of the controllers were from Intel and from HP.
HP Cool Sense was uninstalled for example.
The worst part is that the screen is still on good betting tips apps brightness.
Hope someone can help me with it thanks a lot.
I have searched many sites, and tried most of the fix suggestions.
I have tried to update drivers, rollback drivers, disable mice, fingerprint scanner, etc.
I have tried many times to rollback to 7, however, it keeps coming up with an error, that wont continue non-specific error.
I have tried to reset, but when get to 53%, it also errors out.
So every fix I have tried, errors out.
Like others, if I bring up explorer within the first few seconds, it will stay up and work, with black screen in background, and not able to run any other programs.
I have a hp pavilion laptop.
I cannot play any videos on Windows 10, either on facebook or utube or in email attachments.
Is the only way to do that to go back to Windows 7?
After upgrading my Dell Studio Laptop to Windows 10 in July, everything worked fine.
Slowly that has changed.
First, Bluetooth stopped working.
Noting I could do to fix it.
Tried to get driver from Dell support site http://cardsallcasinoin.top/app/social-sports-betting-app.html received message that Dell does not offer tech support for Windows 10 on my model laptop.
Okay, so I will use corded headphones instead.
But now, I keep receiving message yellow triangle on task bar with exclamation character inside that tells me I have run out of memory and Windows is shutting down programs.
Only program opened when these messages started appearing was Internet Explorer.
Tried to go back to Windows 7 and none of the attempts as shown on these pages have worked.
All I did was change the settings on the only existing user from Standard user to Administrator.
So I downloaded Windows 10.
The screen was blinking as above, nothing I did helped at all.
Hi there, Thank hp tablet games apps free download advance for any assistance you might be able to offer me.
I upgraded from Win7 x64 to Win10 and am having issues with some of the drives I use for audio production.
So you can understand my dilemma, I might never get one.
I completely misses what was being said at the beginning of the post.
You could make it easier to read.
Especially since it was the Microsoft tech forum that sent me here.
I am having serious problems trying to recover Windows 7.
I was thinking of reinstalling Casino app karamba 10 at the beginning of June 16, assuming that all the bugs will be worked out by then.
Also, do you have an update on how things are going with Windows 10?
Still see lots of complaints from other sources.
Thank you for your advice.
It was very valuable.
I hate Windows 10 and am trying to return to the previous build.
Is the rollback supposed to take this long or should I try again.
Again, I hate Windows 10 and I want to dump this mess!!
Thanks for any help!
Hi Adacosta… Want ot go back for w7 from w 10.
What will be the steps to recover all earlier files and w 7.
Even I search on google also they are giving some options like Update and recovery but these options I am not able to see in my systems.
So, could you please give the steps to move in w7 without affecting any files.
I am new to your feed.
It was sent to me my Amazon.
I have a seasonal job with Amazon to work from home.
My new computer came with Windows 10, but their equipment requires Windows 7.
If I do the roll back to Windows7, can I re-install Windows 10 without added expense to do so?
Reverted back to w8.
My restart has been running for about ten hours and after reading through the comments…I can see you have answered this question multiple times on how long this takes so I will continue to let it do its thing.
People…read the comments…the answers are all there for you multiple times.
How long is the process suppose to take.
I have already spent 2 hours waiting.
I am using a window 7 I currently have Windows 7 and XP partitioned, how can I install Windows 10 over the XP partition?
Do I follow the above steps or do I need to delete the XP partition first?
Also how much HD space and memory is recommended with Windows 10?
I was VERY pleased with this rollback.
Everything went as described and my laptop is back to Win7.
The exception was a few files will need to be reinstalled but it went well.
I hope MSoft is able to find a way around the privacy issues I had with the Win 10 install.
Thanks for allowing me to try 10.
I will ike to rollback to my windows XP but when I click on upgrade and security it show me it was windows 7… I dont understand?
Can I use my system recovery DVD windows 7 recovery after windows 10 has past the 30 days?
I just want my windows 7 back?
Is it still possible to go back?
If so, how do I?
My rollback was prompted by the facts that, in Windows 10, my Toshiba Satellite L55 CPUs kept cycling to 100% every few seconds, the fan was virtually always on neither of which was a problem in Win8.
I will research and, once solutions to these issues are posted somewhere, attempt the Windows 10 upgrade again.
Automatic repair does not work, and it loops back to Your PC did not start correctly.
From advanced options I have tried to continue to Windows 10 but it just loops back to the Your PC did not start routine.
From advanced troubleshooting I have tried to Reset this PC, keeping my files, but the reset fails.
From Command Prompt I have checked the C drive and the Windows.
Can you advise me how I can roll back to my previous version Windows 8 with these limited options?
Thanks for this helpful article.
Apparently, you CAN still downgrade after 30 days without losing everything.
I wanted to start fresh.
I did this yesterday.
Hi adacosta The explanation of the steps is pretty clear but I had one doubt.
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 but having issues with some apps.
Now I know I can downgrade back to Windows 7 but would I be able to upgrade again to Windows 10 without issues?
I am asking because I think Windows 10 key is generated internally while upgrading so I was wondering if it gets generated only 1 time and cannot be used again for upgrading.
I have just upgraded from windows 7 to 10, and cannot retrieve my emails.
If I should have done a full backup before making the change it would have been better if I had been advised of this.
From the little I have been able to see of it windows 10 is garbage and I shall revert to 7.
Hopefully the sign will migrate back to its assigned key from above the number 2 where I found it.
I downloaded windows 10.
I have a screen with the four Windows and rotating dots.
If I turn off power and restart I get the same screen?
Hi — i accidentally installed windows 10 and want to go back to XP, can i do this and how?
I had to log in with an Admin account to see that option.
Seems to be working now.
Win 10 upgrade works great on my HP dv7.
On my custom made Win 7 desktop it was incompatible with my network card and of course I lost my Virtual XP on both.
So I went back to Win 7 on desktop.
This upgrade stinks and I want my old version back.
Installed Windows 10 a week ago and did not like it.
Went through the process to return to Windows 7 and now the operating system will not load.
How do I fix this?
Loaded Windows 10 a week ago.
Had many problems so I decided to return to Windows 7 today.
Went through the process described in this forum to the letter.
When the process was completed, Windows would not load.
Tried Startup Repair and Recovery Manager.
How can I get my computer back?
Could you please tell me if this is normal?
I have 1TB hard drive which had 400 gb data free only.
So doesn,t this affect the time for my previous build issue?
Anything would be helpful at this moment.
I am going mad and feel like force shut downing my laptop.
I can deal with Office, but I positively HATE Windows 10 and want to return to Windows 7 Pro, which I had before the downgrade to 10.
Among the many things that make this annoying are: A.
Too damned much of this relys on being on the Internet, which I am not.
In fact, most people I know as well as myself, cannot afford the Internet.
Your new start menu and file manager are annoying as hell, really annoying.
I used to boot up in less than 60 seconds.
As for me, the only games I liked to play were minesweeper, mahjong and freecell.
Drug test those programmers as well please.
So, my 2 questions are these: HOW do I eliminate 10 and restore my original OS and when I do that, will my Office 360 still work on Windows 7 Pro?
I guess a connected question would be if I have to reformat, how do I get Windows 7 again since it came preloaded, but no media to reinstall if disaster struck.
Something in the 10 installation changed that.
You can reach me at or by mail at 2800 Vail Avenue SE, 176, Albuquerque, NM 87106.
I await your reply.
I have windows 10 insider build 11082.
This latest insider build has serious compromised my computer, how do I fix it?
I followed these steps to roll back to Windows 7 and now whenever I turn on my computer, it says that I may have a counterfeit copy.
I know this post is a little old, but if anyone can help me it would be very grateful.
We just updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8.
I have read all of the questions above and still am afraid to try to get Windows 8.
Wish I had never heard of it.
Never had any problems with Windows 8.
Windows 10 my have be an upgrade for some users but not for everyone.
To go back to Windows 7 you say click on students games apps free download pc the start button.
My start button does no work.
Any advice will be appreciated.
Frank Hi, How to uninstall Windows 10 from Dell Inspiron Laptop?
I have no option in recovery for Go back Windows 7 or 8 or 8.
I was trying to restore to my original Windows 7 but found my restore disks did not work.
Thank you Andre — I thought I would have to throw my laptop away when the recovery disc would not run!
Jack I am an 84 year old woman who is computer illiterate.
I cannot understand how to remove Windows 10 from my computer.
Is there any way Microsoft can do this for me?
I am not able to download many programs such as Java updates on Windows 10.
Thank you in advance, Donna Neither of the roll back options will not work on the computer that I received to fix.
Dell dimension C5100C, Windows 7 sp1 32bit.
The owner clicked on the upgrade to windows 10.
I guess the good news is I can recover all of his data if I have to reformat the hard drive Any suggestions I bought a new laptop with Windows 10 in place.
Is there a way for a novice computer person like myself to uninstall Windows 10 and load up my old Windows 7?
My Pc shows window 10 version 1511.
Now for activating the window 10, I feed the window 8.
Reply comes window can not be activated on this product key.
It means purchase the key.
Solve the problem Hello.
I upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.
Where should I find it?
All I want now is my ability to rollback to my Windows 7.
The only two options I have are; 1 Keep my files and 2 Remove everything.
Searched and found a lot of content on this but none worked.
Can you suggest something please?
I have recently updated from windows 8 to windows 8 pro.
But the serial key for pro is not working.
And the games i have in my pc is stucking while playing.
So how can i roll back to my old windows 8.
I upgrade from windows 8.
This is not working for me.
This is because my previous antivirus software was creating a problem with turning on win 10 security options.
So please can u help me get OUT of the safe mode roundabout and change my admin pword?
I would b SO grateful, maggie Want to uninstall Windows 10.
Have gone to settings then recovery but restore windows 7 does not appear on list.
What do I do now Hi adacosta.
I have upgraded my win 7 to win 10 for free yesterday April hp tablet games apps free download, 2018.
I want to go back to my Windows 8 and your explanation of how to do that seems fairly straight forward.
My main concern before starting is the part about the password.
We pray for your mom's speedy recovery.

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